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Meet Our Team

Where An Idea Becomes A Reality

Aequitas Comics is proud to introduce you to our team members. Each of these artists has brought to life all of your favorite characters and images from OMG A Horror Anthology and more.  Here you can learn more about them and their contributions.

Meet The Team: Team Members

Rob Dieterlie

CEO of Aequitas Comics

The founder and creator of Aequitas Comics! Rob began Aequitas back in July of 2018 and hasn't looked back since. Having a passion for comics, Rob wanted to start his own journey into the comic universe. Commissioning new and upcoming artists down to seasoned veterans, he has been able to create amazing stories within his comics. Moving forward, Rob has many plans with Aequitas and is excited to bring his audience new and authentic stories!


Peter Smith

Illustrator, Penciler & Writer

Peter graduated from the Columbus College of Art and Design with a bachelor’s degree in Illustration. From his beginnings working in the Walt Disney animation department at Disney/MGM Studios in Florida to doing his college internship at Marvel Comics in New York City, he has worked for some of the largest entertainment companies in the world. Throughout his career, Peter has done work for companies such as Universal Studios, Disney, Marvel Comics, Hot Topic, Abercrombie and Fitch, Across the Pond Studios, Nike, and Old Navy. Follow him on Instagram and Facebook @ Crimson Fable Studios.


Tone Rodriguez

Writer, Designer, & Colorist

North Hollywood native, Tone Rodriguez got his start in the early 2000s working on professional graphic novels. Growing in his talent, his work went on to be featured in multiple television shows like Dexter, The Office, and even The Simpsons. To name a few of his contributions, Rodriguez is the creator of The Adventures of Jimmy Halpert, The Dark Defender, and many more. His latest and most current works are designing layouts/breakdowns for Tony Fleecs' and Trish Forstner's Stray Dogs at Image Comics, which is been optioned for an animated feature. 


McLain McGuire

Letterer, Designer, & Editor

McLain McGuire's expertise can be discovered far and wide. He spends his time lettering, designing comic books, and even working on graphic opportunities like materials for websites, Kickstarters, commercial designs, and much more. To list a few, some publishers he has contributed to are CCP Comics, 4 Leaf Comics, Aequitas Comics, IDW, AfterShock, Image, Marvel, Cosmic Comics, Short Fuse Studios, Hardin Studios, and Silent Mayhem Productions.


Jeremy Clark

Cover Inker

Jeremy Clark’s works can be found in multiple comic projects. Having contributed to many publishers, some include DC, IDW, Boom, Image Comics, Titan Comics, Zenescope Entertainment, Coffin Comics, and Source Point Press. Moreover, some specific titles he can be credited to are Punchline, The Last Ronin, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Undiscovered Country, Blade Runner: Origins, Grimm Fairy Tales, Hellchild, Day of the Dead, Lady Death, Samurai Grandpa, and much more. 


Jake Goodman

Writer & Penciler

Jake Goodman is a traditional penciler, inker, and sometimes writer for the Aequitas team. Among many of his other contributions, he is also the creator, writer, penciler, and inker for the Tartarus comic series. Stepping out of the pop culture world, Goodman designs liveries for race cars and is a professional designer for Forza Motorsport and the Forza Horizon series. To include many of his other talents, he designs tattoos, logos, and interior spaces for fun. 

IMG_6643 2.jpg

Candice Dailey

Freelance Artist

Candice Dailey is a freelance illustrator who has completed work for Star Wars, Firefly, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and several independent comic publishers.  She has been working on OMG comics since 2019 and looks forward to future projects with Aequitas Comics.

profile picture.jpg

Derek Day

Editor and Printer

From a young age, Derek has always wanted to take part in creating comic books. His inspiration has come from a life of collecting the famous G.I. Joe comics! Because of his youthful passions, Derek now is fulfilling his lifelong dreams and working as an editor and printer. He has been with Aequitas from the very beginning and is looking forward to new projects with us in the future!


Raven Gregory


An Arizona native, Raven Gregory has contributed to more than 300 plus stories. Raven is most commonly known for Zenescope’s Wonderland trilogy, Fly, The Waking, and Image Comics The Gift.

Damon - Headshot.jpg

Damon Pellican

Writer, Colorist, Inker, & Artist

Damon Pellican is a U.S. Army veteran who spent his youth being inspired to create art and stories like Image Comics founding fathers, Todd McFarlane, Jim Lee, and Marc Sylvestri. While in his junior year of high school, Damon decided to put his dreams of pursuing a professional career in the comic book industry on hold in order to serve his country. Damon spent 3 ½ years in active duty service and was honorably discharged from the 82nd Airborne Division and Delta Company 3/504 Parachute Infantry Regiment in 1998 and went on to serve another 4 years in the Army National Guard. After almost 20 years he has resumed his passion of creating art. Damon now resides in Duson, LA with his wife Angela and son Noah


Raymund Lee

Comic Book Colorist

Raymund Lee is the first Filipino comic book colorist from Whilce Portacio’s studio in Manila. He is also a digital painter and does cover work for independent publishers as well as providing colors on interiors. He is famously known for his painterly style and classic renditions of Superheroes. He currently does exclusive variant cover artworks for different comic book retailers.


Phillip Steele

Cover Penciler

Born in the nation’s capital, Phillip Steele would take the train to the biggest New York conventions as a teen back in the late ’80s and early ’90s. Eventually, he garnered enough attention with his artwork to get a few small tryout assignments with major publishers. Ultimately, he stuck with drafting and became a successful civil engineer. Now calling Austin Texas his home, he’s returning to his first love of illustrating comics again part-time.

Seth Groves


Seth Groves is an Artist & illustrator from Indianapolis, IN. He began his professional journey in art back in 2016 and has continuously grown since. Excelling in his talent, he has been able to work on licensed projects by Lucasfilm, Topps Trading cards, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

luis bravo.jfif

Luis Bravo

Illustrator & Cover Artist

Luis Bravo is an Illustrator & Cover Artist originally from México city. He currently resides in California where he has spent the last 20 years. Luis has been drawing all his life and for the last 7 years he has focused on doing sketch covers. His favorite artist and inspiration for his work is Michael Turner. Turner is also who inspired him to start collecting comics. He enjoys creating masterpieces and has completed over 1,000 phenomenal sketch covers. He plans to continue pushing himself even farther by making this a full-time career. 


Laurie Wetzel 4.jpg

Laurie Wetzel


 Laurie Wetzel is an author whose works include the Unclaimed Series, a short story in the Tales from Quillandia Anthology, and the upcoming novel Picture Perfect. She lives in Mankato, MN with her husband, two sons, and their dog Knight. 

 An avid fan of horror, supernatural, and supernatural stories, she's excited to bring her talents to the Aequitas team.


Rob Broussard

Penciler, Inker & Writer

Rob Broussard has been drawing since he first picked up a crayon at the age of three. He has done work for Dynamite and various Upper Deck Marvel sketch card projects since 2018. He has smore recently contributed his talents to a third installment of "OMG: A Horror Anthology" under Aequitas Comics. 

amy 3.jpg

Amy Smith

Web Deisgner & Editor 

Amy has a huge passion for technology, comics, and Star Wars. She has been in the IT field for over 15 years and enjoys dabbling in networking. Her love of comics & collectibles got her into a side job working with Aequitas Comics with their website and assisting artists at shows. Amy's end goal is to work in the Comic Industry full time assisting in the IT side. She currently works as an IT Service Delivery Engineer. 

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